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When are sign ups?
Sign ups for Spring baseball are usually between November and December. For our draft programs, Juniors, Intermediate, Majors, Minors and Farm when registration closes December 31st, players will need to enter a waitlist registration. 

For Tee Ball we will accept players until all our teams are full, occasionally we may have additional room after sign ups close.  If we are full and you still want to sign up, volunteer to manage a team and we may be able to create more slots for your player.

Signups for Summer ball are in June and Fall Baseball are usually August through September.

How much does it cost?
See the "Registration" tab. Fees for each division are listed there.

I am late, can I still sign up?
If teams have already been formed and tryouts are complete we typically cannot take any new players. Sign up for the wait list, if there is a cancellation that creates an opening, we may be able to accept a new player late. We will do our best to find an opening at PALL or point you toward another local program that still has openings for new players.

What areas Does PALL Cover?
See the "League Boundaries" page under the "Registration" tab.

Do I live within PALL League Boundaries?  Is my school inside PALL Boundaries?

See the "League Boundaries" page under the "About Us" tab.

We live outside of PALL Boundaries, can we still play for PALL?
Players may only sign up for PALL if they reside or attend school within league boundaries, or you live in an area NOT serviced by another little league. Any players not living within PALL boundaries must obtain a Little League Residency Waiver form.

We attend a school inside of PALL Boundaries, can we play for PALL?
Yes but the player must provide a Little league school enrollment form signed by a school administrator.

What division should I sign up for?
See the Divisions Player Age FAQ's below. Also see the baseball age chart below.

When will I know what team my player is on?
You will be contacted by your team manager in late January or early February. If you have not heard from your team manager two weeks before opening ceremonies, please contact us.

When do practices start?

Typically early to mid February.

When do games start?
Games start the same day as opening ceremonies, see the League calendar for opening ceremonies date and time, usually last Saturday of February or first Saturday of March.

What equipment do I need to buy?  What does the league supply?
PALL supplies your player a team jersey and a hat. You will provide everything else, including a baseball glove, bat, cleats, belt, cup, baseball pants, socks, and sliders.

How do I pay?
PALL accepts all credit card payments through our online registration system.

Skills Assessments, Draft & Player Placement Into Divisions:
Farm, Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors are all draft programs. Players will attend skills assessments and will be placed in the appropriate division based on skill level. The draft is designed to provide evenly matched teams and player safety.

Are Skills Assessments Mandatory?
All players who want to play Farm, Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors must attend skills assessments, even returning players. Players cannot advance to a new division without a attending. We do not run skills assessments for Summer or Fall Baseball. Skills Assessments are not required for Tee Ball.

Upcoming Dates:

See the "PALL Events Calendar" page under the "Calendar" tab.

When does the season start and end?
General dates for a typical baseball year:
December/January sign ups for spring complete
January:Skills Assessments
January: Draft for Junior, Intermediate, Majors, Minors, and Farm teams
February:  Teams formed and practices start
End of Feb/early March: Opening Ceremonies, Games Start
Middle of May: Closing Ceremonies, final playoff games
End of May: All-Star teams announced
End of May/early June: TOC and City Tournaments

Last week of June:  All-Star games start
2nd week of July: All-Star final games
End of July: Summer Ball starts
End of August: Summer Ball ends
4th week of Sept:  Fall Ball Starts
2nd week of November:  Fall Ball Ends

How do I get news about sign ups and other League Events?
A notification email about league events are sent to all users registered on our website. Create an account on our website and like our Facebook page so you are sure to get all the latest news.

Why are players required to attend Skill Assessments?
Farm, Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors are all draft programs. Players will attend skills assessments and will placed in the appropriate division based on skill level. The draft helps us provide evenly matched teams and player safety and keeps kids of similar skill levels playing together.

Why do we form teams by a draft?
The League runs the team selection process as a draft in order to provide evenly matched, competitive teams and to keep kids of similar skill levels playing together. It’s not a perfect process, and there are always a few kids unhappy not being drafted up to a higher division, but it’s the best process we have for ensuring balanced teams and player safety.   

Why can't I pick my coach and teammates after Tee Ball?
These teams are formed by a draft. We usually have five teams at each division, so there is a 1 in 5 chance you wind up on any given team. Want specific kids on your team? Volunteer to manage a team, and you can draft your own team.

What Proof of residency/Age documents are acceptable?

All players (new and returning) must upload THREE different approved proof of residency documents to our registration portal (examples of approved documents are vehicle registration, driver's License, utility bill, bank statement, credit card bill, passport). Note that only ONE utility bill may be used as proof, the remaining two documents must be from another of the approved type. Copies or originals are acceptable. PALL will keep the documents provided on file.

Are Special Requests accepted?
We will do our best to accommodate division requests, coach requests and player pairings up to the Farm level. However, please understand it is not always possible to accommodate all requests. We are not able to accommodate any requests for AA, AAA, Majors, Intermediate or Farm.

I provided all this information last year, why do I have to do this again?
Sorry, Little League rules. Required for every season. People move, information changes etc. Sadly, leagues have cheated by getting players from out of boundaries to win tournaments, including the Little League Worlds Series.

My child is only available certain days of the week due to other activities, can the League make sure he/she is on a team that aligns perfectly with my child's other extracurricular activities?

Can we pick our practice day?
Volunteer to manage a team and you may have some influence on the team's practice schedule. Otherwise, your team's practice day will be the day the team manager has selected. We cannot adjust practice and game schedules to work around individual players' extracurricular activities. We have 400+ players , 30+ teams, 8 fields, and only 7 days a week to conduct games and practices.

My player will play tee-ball. Do we need to attend skills assessments?
No. Tee Ball players do not need to attend skills assessments.

What is my Players Baseball/League Age?
See the "Age Chart" links on the bottom of this website.

Do PALL Board Members' kids get special treatment?
Absolutely Not!  See below how draft and all star teams are formed. All players are treated equally regardless of their parent's level of involvement. Don't believe it? Become a volunteer, join the board and see how it all works. See areas the league could do better? Do you have ideas on on how to improve the league - please volunteer to join the board. We would love to have your help.

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