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Tournaments & All-Stars

At the end of the season there are several tournaments played among the best teams and players from Little League's California District 17 of which PALL is a part of.  Below is a list of those tournaments and a few details explaining what each tournament is all about. See the California District 17 site for a list of other Leagues in our District. We are proud to say that PALL teams have won many of these tournaments in the past.

Expected Behavior at Tournaments
Everyone should take a moment to remember - The reason we play baseball is to have fun. This is only Little League baseball, these kids are 8 to 12 years old, this isn't the MLB World Series, no college scholarships will be awarded, none of this is a big deal and worth getting worked up over.  However, it's an inevitable side of effect of competition - Once we start keeping score and the games really count, the competition can get heated.  Unfortunately before the end of the tournament each year we typically witness at least one coach or parent lose their cool and likely embarrass themselves and their children.  At Pasadena American, let's all strive to make sure that regardless of the outcome of the game this person is never be one of us. We are role models for these kids, we should all behave in such a way to represent our league and our children well. This is true all season long, but especially important during tournament play.

End of Season Tournaments General
The end of season tournaments, these match up all the top finishing teams from Little League CA District 17 which PALL is part of. Below are the leagues which comprise District 17;

  • Pasadena American LL
  • Arcadia American LL
  • Arcadia National LL
  • Central Altadena LL
  • East Altadena LL
  • Pasadena Southwest LL
  • San Marino LL
  • Santa Anita LL
  • Sierra Madre LL
  • West Pasadena LL

Tournament of Champions (TOC)
The first place team from each league plays in the Tournament of Champions to determine the District TOC Champion. This is a single elimination tournament run over one week played the week immediately following the regular season.  Participating Divisions:  Majors & AAA. Typically one league will host the TOC and all games will be played at the host league's field. At the end of the Tournament a Minors TOC winner and Majors TOC winner is crowned.

City Tournament
The second place team from each league play to determine the City Tournament Champion for the District    This is single elimination tournament run over one week played immediately following the regular season Participating Divisions:  Majors & AAA. At the end of this tournament a Minors City Championship Winner and Majors City Champion Winner is crowned.

All star teams are formed from each league for several age groups.  The All Star teams from all the league in the District play in a double elimination tournament ultimately deciding the District All Star champions for the season for each age level. For the 11-12 age group, the winning All-Star team will continue on to compete for a slot in the Little League World Series.  All Star team rosters are set in late May.  Games start in late June with the final games typically held in the second week of July.

Players are selected to play on the All Star team based on a combination of nomination by the regular season team managers and our all star committee. Rosters are typically 12 to 13 players. The selection process is not perfect and unfortunately not everybody that wants to play all stars will get to. Below are the age groups for All Star Teams and the order in which the teams are normally filled;

10-11-12 All-Stars
Typically formed from players form the Majors Division. The winner of the 11-12 All Star tournament will move on to play against the winning 11-12 all-star teams from other Little League Districts, this continues all the way to the Little League Worlds Series held annually in Williamsport PA.

8-9-10 All-Stars

Typically formed from players from the AAA/Majors Divisons.

9-10-11 All-Stars
Typically formed from players from the Majors Division, some players from minors might be selected to play on this team if there are not sufficient 11 year old players in majors to fill a 11-12 All-Star squad.  This team is selected by the All Star committee. 

7-8-9 All-Stars
Typically formed from players from the AA/AAA divisions.  If there are not enough 8-9 year old players minors division to fill an all-star roster for the 8-9 team players may be pulled up from the Farm division to complete the 8-9 team roster.  

For  All Star Tournament play, a league may not form a team for all age groups depending the League's player count. For example a smaller league may not have enough players to field an 8-9, 9-10 and 10-11 team, they may choose to field only an 8-9 and 10-11 team.  Fielding less teams typically creates a stronger all-star team, but less opportunities for as many players as possible to participate.

All-Star Team Managers
The All Star team managers must be approved by the board as a suitable candidate to represent our league in the All-Start Tournament.  Managers are selected following current PALL by-laws.

Typically a different league will host the tournament games for one of the age groups, with all games for a particular age group being played at the host league's fields. 

Sectional Play
Winners of the District All-Star tournaments will move on to Sectional play (except for 8-9 team), competing with the winners from other Districts' All Star winners.  Winners of the Sectional tournaments then move on to play in the State Tournaments which lead to Regionals, which then lead to the Little League World Series.

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